blue hour beach anniversary

Below you will find a little series of treasured photographs of my beloved parents. This past June marked 32 years of marriage for them, & over 34 years together. Their story is one of my all time favorites; an old fashioned love — one I cherish so very much & look up to immensely.

They met at a wedding in the spring of 1985, & fell in love. My dad was in the Marine Corps at the time & was about to be deployed shortly there-after. My dad told my mom, that he’d understand if she preferred not to wait for his lengthy return, but she did, & they married in summer of 1987. For many of the years/deployments to come, most of their communication(and his communication with my sisters & I after we were born), was through letters, film rolls, & instant photographs. Whether it be a quick note on an MRE bag, learning the ABC’s via cardboard illustrations, or a quick polaroid shot of him in the wild, my dad always found a way to stay connected to us tangibly.

I had the lovely honor of snapping some photos of them after the sun went down, while visiting our favorite beach on their 32nd wedding anniversary. The beach my sisters & I spent a chunk of a childhood living near; the beach I was born at; the beach my dad lived, trained, and slept on for months on end; the beach they got engaged at; the beach where it all started.

I hold their story, trials, and love so dear. Happy anniversary, you two! I am eternally grateful to be your daughter <3


& for kicks, & because I love them, I scanned in a few of their wedding photos from 1987 below - -