painting + ceramic process with emily pawlica

This day was oh so dear to me! I’ve had the lovely pleasure of knowing Emily for a while now (she was actually one of the first people I’ve ever photographed when I first started taking photos. We bonded in highschool over our love for art, the outdoors, and knitting. I can vividly remember having a knitting party in my bedroom one winter, just her & I, knitting ourselves a pair of maroon ear warmers, and giggling over all the stitches we knew, haha. She’s one of the most talented, kind hearted, thoughtful, & beautiful ladies I know; man I could rave about her all day long.

This past May, she let me accompany her for a few hours in the studio while she went to town on some of her most loved art processes — painting & ceramics. She set up shop, did her thing, and holy smokes has time never flown so fast! I admire her so very much, both as an artist, and friend. Having the opportunity to witness + document her process was somethin real, real special.

Celebrate your local women artists, small business owners, & friends. This day, & every day.

Grab a snack, & scroll a while. Bask in her art & make sure to follow along @pawlicapieces for more beauty <3

& here are some shots we captured on film & polaroid - -