cole mountain summer engagement

Cole mountain is one of my favorite hikes in Virginia, and being able to share it with my long time friends, Austin & Danielle, was such a treat. 

We drove through what felt like a hurricane to get to this spot. On the hike up, there were fields of some of the most massive ferns I've ever seen, and when we reached the top, we were consumed by a cloud + greeted with huge gusts of wind. We did not see another person for the entire evening, and had the entire mountain to ourselves. Austin, Danielle, and I ventured around the grassy bald blasting + dancing to Post Malone, witnessed a few more weather changes (VA is weird like that and some summer days you get everything aside from snow), and ended the day taking in the 360 view of the miles and miles of mountains. 

It was such a sweet honor capturing these special moments for some close friends, who to also mention have been together for 7 whole years. Love you guys, endlessly & so so stoked to celebrate this chapter of life with you! 

Upon arriving at the trailhead, while prepping the gear + clothes to bring up the mountain, Austin discovered that he had left ALL of his pants back home ... in Richmond ... 2 hours away. We couldn't head back, so we improvised. Austin is wearing a pair of Danielles pants in all of these photos, haha. Happy weekending, folks!