yosemite valley venture + van livin'

This past winter, I attended The Hearnes + Maddie Mae's workshop that took place in Yosemite NP -- & it was nothing short of amazing. These guys live + breath adventure, so having the opportunity to learn from + hang with them for a weekend was a heck of a treat. 

Abbi & Callen are sky divers, rock climbers, campers, & photographers. On the last evening of the workshop, they modeled for us in the forest near Yosemite Valley. These two are so passionate about the the outdoors, that they took this lifestyle on the road full time + haven't looked back. They are some of the realest, most kind hearted people I've ever met. I'm so grateful to have met + learn from them, and to have had a glimpse of their crazy, beautiful, & minimalist life in the van.