blue ridge mountain engagement

I knew me & Lindsey were going to be instant bffs when the first thing she said upon meeting up, was how stoked she was about the wind. Her & Ross also arrived in a 4Runner -- aka my favorite car in existence (I drive a 98' 4Runner, and have since I was 16) -- AND they wanted to do part of the shoot in it! To say I was excited was an understatement.

The next 2+ hours venturing around the Blue Ridge Mountains (this January day they actually looked very purple) flew by. We jammed out to some Taylor Swift, took many blanket breaks, & laughed our guts out. 

Lindsey & Ross are some of those people that you just want to take with you everywhere and be around all the time. Thanks for making a trip out to the mountains, and can't wait to see you're sweet faces again soon!