shenandoah valley engagement

Will proposed to Savannah on a Saturday, and our session together was Sunday; the day directly after. These two are some great company to begin with, but being able to capture them + their new freshly engaged feels was something really special.

This November day was also particularly dark & cloudy. The entire drive through the mountains was filled with fog + low visibility (which to be honest got me even more stoked! Fog is one of my all time favorite things to shoot with). We had originally planned to do a short summit hike & shoot at the top of a mountain in Shenandoah, but as we were driving by Big Meadows, I couldn't help but change the plan and pull over immediately. We parked on the side  of the road and watched the fog roll in.

The fog was so thick that it felt like we were the only people in the park. Will put on some Iron & Wine, & we went for it. We ran through the orange grass, danced around the thick mountain air, and talked about our favorite things. Towards the end of the hour the fog rolled out, and just when we thought we would run out of light, the sun peaked from behind the clouds in FULL blast. 

We finished off the night by sharing some fresh baked bread from a local RVA bakery until very last light. 

florals by the lovely photosynthesis floral design