Investment & Experience

Investing in photos is incredibly important, to say the least. Photography should not solely be something on a checklist, but rather an experience that you genuinely enjoy & remember years from now. My goal is capture your romance in its purest form (large and small gestures alike) & to have these photos encompass who you truly are as a couple. I want you to feel these moments. I want them to take you back. I want you to cherish these memories for the rest of your days. 

Locations for sessions, elopements, and weddings are ENDLESS. Want to road trip somewhere you’ve been dying to visit together? Or fly out somewhere for a weekend? What location is special to your relationship? Is it your grandmas land that has a pond in the backyard where you grew up visiting every summer? A coffee shop you had your first date on? A campsite you stay at every anniversary with your dogs? This entire experience is about capturing YOU. Let’s do it the best way we know how, & incorporate what’s most important to you & your love story.

I do currently reside in Virginia, but most of my work takes me out of town. I love to travel + visit new places, have a U.S. National Park pass handy and am passport ready! Let's make a long weekend out of it, see something new, eat some tasty local foods, & share an experience — because that’s truly what life’s all about. If are up for an adventure, then let's get together! You will come out with a new friend + memories that will last a lifetime.

currently booking WORLDWIDE 2019 & 2020


intimate WEDDINGS

local east coast packages starting at $2,800

travel packages starting at $4,000 (USA)

international packages starting at $5,000

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local east coast package starts at $2,200

travel packages start at $3,000 (USA)

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local east coast packages starting at $550

+ inquire to view informational PDF + various packages